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2018 Shot by Alex Rivera

Summer 2018 we hosted our first event! Many gathered uptown in The Bronx to see work by multiple great artists/creatives. Artists of various cities were invited to provide resources and/or guides that would help artists one on one with their work.
Enjoy this really dope and wholesome recap
by  Alex Rivera @TheBronxer !!!
This was a blessing to host!
A huge...

COTH Studios!

We are building creative work spaces for Creators of The Hood! Here is everything you need to know COTH Studios:

COTH Studios is a humble site where creators can make work in their hoods! With already limiting living conditions in the hood, creators have very few options for creative expansion. 

What is in the space?

COTH Studios is a brick style space divided into 4 semi-private spaces and 1 common area. The 4 semi-private spaces will be allocated to studios per artists, the common area will be utilized as a "gallery" for artists to prepare for showing work.

Where is the space?

This first COTH Studio space is being created...

The Beginning..

First thank you for reading! Creators of The Hood has taken many roads and sacrifices to be here today, sharing this journey with you is special.

Early 2018 when COTH was being thought of, Creators of The Hood (then called Hood Creators or The SR League) was a planned month long program for 10 artists to create 1 piece each for a group show in 10 weeks. This project was an extension of street refugee events meant to engage and connect communities face to face.



Being around and meeting artists in your community can create...